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  • Bite into the softness of Marukyo Dorayaki Cake from Japan. Soft and moist cake stuffed with delicious fillings like chopped sweet chestnut and Azuki red bean.  

  • These dorayakis are made using 100% the freshest and highest quality of selected Hokkaido red beans. The sweetness of the azuki paste is mid but full of flavor.

  • Each dorayaki is individually wrapped and convenient as a bite sized treat for both kids & adults alike. 

  • Comes in 4 exciting variants:
    - Original, with sweet azuki beans (310g/5 pcs)
    - Chestnut (300g/5 pcs)
    - Matcha (280g/5 pcs) (OOS)
    - Black Sesame (270g/5 pcs)

  • Made using 100% Hokkaido Azuki Beans