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Killiney's Curry Paste (250g):
Blending the freshest ingredients with a secret spice mix, this beautifully fragrant paste is the sole reason for Killiney Curry chicken’s fame. Hearty, wholesome and pleasurably addictive, best enjoyed with poultry and toasted baguette – Killiney style

Killiney's Laksa Paste (250g):
Nothing warms the cockles of your heart like Killiney Katong Laksa – a curry-like broth of secret spices and earthy ingredients served with vermicelli. Deliciously thickened with coconut milk, the rich explosion of flavours ensuing from every mouthful will leave you craving for more.

Killiney's Mee Rebus Paste (250g):
An intensely satisfying mix of sweet and spicy flavours simmered in thick gravy marks the signature appeal of this all-time Killiney favourite. Savour it the authentic way with fresh yellow mee. And satiate your palate with a taste of Asian culinary history.

Killiney's Mee Siam Paste (300g):
A peculiar yet delicately appetizing combination of sweet and tangy extremes. Perfectly smooth, light, nutty and invigorating. Relish the sensational flavours of Killiney Mee Siam. Like others before, you too will fall for its uniquely refreshing charm