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  • "Jaga Pokkuru" (180g) is made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes. Flavorful Hokkaido potatoes are grown in a crisp climate with big differences in temperature between day and night. In collaboration with potato farmers, we've developed the perfect soil and fertilizer for potatoes. After the potatoes are harvested, they're checked for quality and stored at strictly controlled temperatures, before the next step.

  • With every bite, the unique texture and flavor of "Imoko & Kobutaro" (90g) fill your mouth. With this combination, you'll be reaching for it again and again.These crunchy potato chips are made of slow-fried Hokkaido potatoes. It's a scallop-flavored potato snack. With every bite, the aromas and flavors fill your mouth. The crispy kelp is also from Hokkaido, of course. Enjoy the two different textures.

  • Pirika means "cute" in Ainu. Jaga Pirika (180g) is a colorful, adorable snack. Each Jaga Pirika owes its unique color to the natural pigment of the potatoes. The colorful Northern Ruby and Kita Murasaki varieties are rich in the polyphenol pigment anthocyanin. These three colorful varieties are improved and grown carefully in the fields of Hokkaido. Enjoy the colors and taste.