Sweet AUS Kensington Pride Mango

Kensington Pride is the most popular mango variety grown in Australia. It is grown throughout Australia's subtropical and tropical regions. It is a smallish oval mango with an exceptionally fine, sweet flavour. The skin is pale green which develops to an attractive pale yellow with maturity, often with a red blush. The flesh is a golden yellow colour, quite dense and is largely fibreless. The fruit is classed as medium-large.

‘Bowen’, ‘Bowen Special’ and ‘Kensington Pride’ are all names for the same variety of mango!

The Kensington Pride variety was first discovered in Bowen, a town in Northern Queensland. In the late 1800s, Bowen was known for its lively horse trade. Traders from the British Army in India were known to arrive in Bowen with mangoes and spices. They would give these as gifts to prominent locals. It’s believed that the Kensington Pride variety developed from one such gift, given to Bowen Harbour and Customs Officer, GF Sandrock. The Kensington Pride variety proved to be very popular at the Sydney Markets, and production quickly ramped up in the Bowen area. Consumers increasingly associated Kensington Prides with Bowen, and over time the fruit also became known by the names ‘Bowen Mango’ and ‘Bowen Special.’