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_ @EmporiumShokuhin recently launched her 10th Dining Concept; a Live Seafood Market Dining located @ the rear end of the enclave where the fish tanks are! Take your pick from those tanks (fresh & live seafood) & choose an option how you want the food to be done. Have your Fishes Steamed or Deep-Fried & done with Cantonese Soy, Assam or Sweet & Sour Sauce. Or your Prawns done Drunken or with Salted Egg Sauce. Or why not have Samble Stingray or Assam Squid for dinner? The selections & choices are indeed vast de; head on over for dinner to discover it yourself I say. _ That said, Seafood isn't all she's got, there's a good selection of Steaks too from Australia Ribeye to USDA Sirloin to Japanese A4 Kagoshina & A5 Miyazaki; have it done with Black Pepper Brown Sauce or Red Wine Demi Glaze. _ Veg lovers can take heart you guys ain't neglected: Kang Kong, Lady's Finger, Dou Miao & my fav 青龙菜 aka Dragon Vegetable; there's more & all @ $8++ per serving! _ Alright, I think I miss out mentioning the pricing for the meats & seafoods.. Here's the catch; you can choose to shop the produce & head home to cook yourself but if you choose to do dine in, the price you pay is the same for both; albeit with ++ aka GST & Svc charge for the latter which is pretty bang for the buck. I spied Kasago (Rock Fish) & Itoyori (Golden Threadfin) on the menu too! _ PS: There's Beer & Sake for a complete dining experience & Light Bites like Mentaiko Fries & Sausages to keep the kids busy making it a dining destination suitable for all ages yahhh... _ Pic taken @EmporiumShokuhin Live Seafood Market Dining @MarinaSquareSg 6 Raffles Boulevard # 01-18 Singapore 039594 Operating Hours: 5:30pm - 11pm Dail Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmporiumShokuhin/ Website: http://www.emporiumshokuhin.com.sg _ #EmporiumShokuhin #brandcellar #msqeats #DarkFoodPhoto #HiakKorShots #foodgasm #food52 #foodphotography #foodporn #foodspotting #foodstagram #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeast #eeeeeats #gastronomia #getinmybelly #huffposttaste #ilovefood #myfab5 #nomnom #nothingisordinary #Singapore #tslmakan #dailyfoodfeed #foooodieee #webstagram #food52 #feedfeed #foodbeast #mychefstable #bestfoodaroundthe

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[NEW] Emporium Shokuhin has introduced a brand new dining concept - Live Seafood Market Dining! 🦐🐟🦑 . Choose your very own live seafood from the seawater tanks, have them cooked to your preferred style - local, asian or western grilled & dine right next to the tanks 🔥 The range of live produce is pretty extensive. From the popular tze char seafood like stingray & shellfish Gong Gong to Boston lobsters & Japanese Kasago (Rock Fish). Simply take your pick & enjoy! 😋 Of course, other items such as beef steaks & veggies are available as well. They got my favourite 青龙菜! Weee~ 🐉 The seafood is really really really FRESH. It doesn't take me much effort to peel the chilli crab at all! I know cause I peel the whole crab ✌ . 📍Marina Square New Wing 6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 1, 039594 🕠 5.30pm - 11pm, daily Thank you @kevin_the_hiak for the invite and @brandcellar @emporiumshokuhin for hosting 🙏 #emporium #emporiumshokuhin #liveseafood #seafood #seafoods #seafoodlove #seafoodlover #seafoodlovers #chillicrab #chillicrabs #tzechar #marinasquare #marinasquaresg #MSQeats #brandcellar #FoodMakesCalHappy

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[NEW] Touted as “Singapore’s Largest Live Multi-Station Dining” in a Japanese supermarket, Emporium Shokukin, this new dining concept starts today 11 May 2018 & allows diners to select and savour a huge array of premium items such as live seafood, steaks and many more at reasonable prices at the Live Seafood Market. 🐟🦀🦑🐮🐚 • The concept is simple: 1) Pick the seafood (eg oysters, crabs, lobsters, clams) or steak 🥩 (Top Japanese grades A5 Miyazaki and A4 Kagoshima available) 2) Choose your style of cooking (eg asian or western), 3) a Chef will cook it for you, easy peasy. Everything is at retail prices. 😍❤️🙏So imagine eating at a market but with A/C comforts YAY!! 💕🙂 • In frame are standouts: 🔹Sri Lankan Chili Crab ($59/700-800g crab) ❤️ OMG this gets my mark of approval. I’m usually a bit wary of Chili crab because the sauce can sometimes be too sweet or thick. This one is heavenly 😍— a perfect balance of tanginess & spiciness with awesome consistency. I literally used a spoon to scoop up the eggy, tangy sauce. 🧡🦀 The fave at our table. 🔹Sambal Stingray ($18/300-350g piece) - this one likewise kills me with piquant sambal Chili doused on a large portion of fresh succulent stingray! ❤️😍❤️ Aiyoh!!! Love!! 💕💕 🔹Scottish Oysters - ❤️ These babies are plump & creamy, not your skinny nonsense oysters, thank you v much. 😆 and now there is a weekend promo: $35 for 6 or $60 for 12. Usual price is $8/oyster. So it’s quite a good price. Worth it for its size and droolsomeness. ❤️👍 • Honestly, every dish we have sampled is delish, even their Dried Shrimp Oyster Sauce with Mussels (not pictured), and their steaks (also not pictured). ❤️💜 Particularly worthy of mention is their SAUCES (even their dips). wow. Everything is made in-house, and I can taste that it’s not filled with preservatives. • Available only 5:30pm onwards. Pair your meal with frozen Kirin beer 🍺 or sakes 🍶 Thank you @emporiumshokuhin for hosting this meal and @brandcellar for the invite. 🙏☺️ • • • #yum #yummy #seafood #singapore #foodporn #sgig #sgfoodies #instasg #burpple #crab #vsco #vscocam #vscofood #nomnom #emporiumshokuhin #hkig #stfoodtrending

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